Episode 6

June 16, 2022



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Manny Chevrolet René Coman
Troubled Men Podcast

Show Notes

Saxophone great Big Chief Donald Harrison Jr. joins the Iguanas and Emmy-winning Hawaiian filmmaker and festival producer Kenny Martinez-Burgmaier to reflect on the triumphant return of the Big Island Jazz and Blues Festival after a 2-year hiatus. Donald discusses his mentoring a teenage Notorious B.I.G. and hanging out at home with Miles Davis. Kenny recounts his rise from child cook to impresario. The star-studded lineup and spectacular locale stand in contrast to a persistent ennui for which there is no geographic solution. Troubled in Paradise? You could put it like that.

Topics include the Mauna Kea Beach Resort, caloric intake, Eric Marienthal, Wayne Toups, supplements, Skip Martin, positivity, a Mexican restaurant, car sales, Jazz Alley TV, film school, video production, Pancho Sanchez, 2nd lines, a unified musical approach, Clifford Brown, artistic longevity, boxing acuity, Mike Tyson, an extended stay, Aloha spirit, royal lineage, a canoe, and much more.

Intro music: "The Trucker Takes A Wife" by Styler/Coman

Break music: "Oye Mi Cumbia" from "Sin To Sin" by the Iguanas

Outro music: "When the Weather Breaks" from "Juarez" by the Iguanas

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