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René Coman sits down with the original Troubled Man, Manny Chevrolet, over cocktails at the Ring Room, in the heart of an old-school New Orleans social haunt. Manny is an L.A. native who had been through the Hollywood wringer by his late 20s. He then moved to New Orleans to become a perennial candidate for mayor and make a feature film about it. René is a New Orleans native who's been in the music biz wringer since he was a child. They are the Troubled Men for Troubled Times.
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    The veteran WTIX radio personality behind "News You Need Now" and joke writer for the Tonight Show with Jay Leno and Joan Rivers stumbled into the comedy game while wisecracking during local traffic reports. He wound up writing 40 to 50 jokes a day for a variety of outlets including radio ...


  2. TMP163 Mark Rubin: The Triumph of Assimilation

    The self-proclaimed Jew of Oklahoma and founding bassist with the Bad Livers and Killbilly recently cracked the Billboard Bluegrass chart with his solo release “The Triumph of Assimilation.” It’s a Judeo-Americana meditation on the present, with a view of the past and a cautiously hopeful eye to the future. Mark’s ...


  3. TMP162 Michael Tisserand Reveals A Secret World

    The award-winning journalist and author of “Krazy: George Herriman, A Life in Black and White,” returns with his newest book, “My Father When Young.” It’s a collection of recently discovered mid-century photos taken by his father as a young man in post-war Europe, his Indiana home, and New Orleans during ...


  4. TMP161 Dave Alvin: King of California

    He’s a Grammy-winning songwriter, singer, guitar player, record producer, and founding member of the legendary Blasters, who burst onto the early L.A. punk scene with a powerhouse mix of rockabilly, blues, country, and r’n’b. Major label records and worldwide touring followed. With teenage mentors like Big Joe Turner and T-Bone ...


  5. TMP160 Rurik Nunan: Mission from Moscow

    The outstanding violinist and singer with Loose Cattle, whose new record, “Heavy Lifting” was just released, comes to New Orleans by way of a Moscow birth and a Georgia upbringing. Extensive classical training underlies his mastery of the instrument, but his love of the American roots canon keeps Rurik in ...