Episode 197

March 31, 2022



Hosted by

Manny Chevrolet René Coman
Troubled Men Podcast

Show Notes

The accomplished visual artist and former Piety Recording Studio manager has worked with an impressive list of creative superstars and maladjusted misfits during her storied career. Stints as a chimney sweep, absinthe brewer, and crime scene photo tech round out her resume. Tonight Shawn brings her incisive intellect and easy laugh to a meeting of the minds with the Troubled Men. Pearls before swine? You be the judge!

Topics include new tenants, sexism, a dog and a cat, a Bob Dylan show, the Geraniums memorial, a new hairdo, a Jeopardy host, Alicia Silverstone, scarves, Michigan, art exposure, a jazz musician, high school trouble, a Florida misadventure, a biker assassin, teachers, cursive, odd jobs, “Educating Rita,” Trey Helliwell, luck, finding New Orleans, the Mermaid Lounge, an artistic dialogue, loft building in Wicker Park, the Warhol Diaries, a new perspective, a return to nature, and much more.

Intro music: Styler/Coman

Break music: “Try To See It My Way” from “Hope Is Not For The Weak” by the Geraniums

Outro music: "Soul Kiss" from "Juarez" by the Iguanas

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