Episode 28

October 25, 2018


Troubled Men #28 Carlo Nuccio Comes Clean

Hosted by

Manny Chevrolet René Coman
Troubled Men #28 Carlo Nuccio Comes Clean
Troubled Men Podcast
Troubled Men #28 Carlo Nuccio Comes Clean

Oct 25 2018 | 01:04:28


Show Notes

The Troubled Men are no strangers to the rackets, so it was a great honor to have a sit-down in the Ring Room with Carlo Nuccio, the Godfather of the Big Beat. He makes them an offer they can't refuse. Topics include a girl party, a vacation from the family, the Mod Squad, schizophrenia, L.A. stories, Raji's, Green On Red, the tablecloth trick, a world champ, the fight game, crazed sobriety, a card hustle, a question refused, boundary issues, the Breeders show, stage left, marital bliss, some fatherly advice, a serial killer shout-out, an Alpine recording mission, the cowbell club, Stephan Eicher, an offer declined, Get Smart, a phone call from Kaos, Harry Dean Stanton, "I'm Carlo!" and much more.

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