Episode 27

October 18, 2018


Troubled Men #27 Rick Olivier/Rico Unshaved

Hosted by

Manny Chevrolet René Coman
Troubled Men #27 Rick Olivier/Rico Unshaved
Troubled Men Podcast
Troubled Men #27 Rick Olivier/Rico Unshaved

Oct 18 2018 | 00:57:19


Show Notes

The first hint of autumn is in the air, but the Troubled Men still can't wait to escape the filth of the outdoors for the cool, scrubbed-tile serenity of the Ring Room. They drag superstar music photographer and bandleader Rick Olivier into the fray for a no-holds-barred free-for-all. Topics include top spin, self-sabotage, a PiL field trip, the origin of "Rico," the White Castle accent, Nicholls State alumni, memories of Carl Bennett, spam sushi, the Manny Olympics, gear porn, tragedy porn, altar boy-hood, clerical entrapment, the Rodman effect, the Cold reunion, Russian prison tattoos, a sippy cup blackout, a comfort squirrel, microwave misuse, Hot Springs, kuru, flakka, and much more.

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