Episode 160

June 24, 2021


TMP160 Rurik Nunan: Mission from Moscow

Hosted by

Manny Chevrolet René Coman
TMP160 Rurik Nunan: Mission from Moscow
Troubled Men Podcast
TMP160 Rurik Nunan: Mission from Moscow

Jun 24 2021 | 01:22:09


Show Notes

The outstanding violinist and singer with Loose Cattle, whose new record, “Heavy Lifting” was just released, comes to New Orleans by way of a Moscow birth and a Georgia upbringing. Extensive classical training underlies his mastery of the instrument, but his love of the American roots canon keeps Rurik in the nightclubs and on festival stages with a Who’s Who of regional and national acts. The Troubled Men are all vaxxed up, so they return to in-person podcasting, but with this kind of exposure, a virus should be the least of Rurik’s concerns.

Topics include a new location, a naked bike ride, a cabin in the woods, frolf, quicksand, a feral dog attack, the cone of shame, an African mission, a love story, Debauche, a prom date, Loyola U., Carrollton Station, Harry Shearer, “Evita,” Lynn Drury, hippy influences, Camper Van Beethoven, a musical family, the school lottery, youth baseball, the national anthem, live gigs, city hall, and much more.

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Intro music: Styler/Coman

Break and Outro music: "Gasoline and Matches" and "Aunt Avis" from "Heavy Lifting" by Loose Cattle

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