April 16, 2021


TMP151 Steve Berlin's L.A. Confidential

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Manny Chevrolet René Coman
TMP151 Steve Berlin's L.A. Confidential
Troubled Men Podcast
TMP151 Steve Berlin's L.A. Confidential

Apr 16 2021 | 01:26:49


Show Notes

The record producer and Los Lobos saxophonist reflects on his stellar career, including his early days with seminal L.A. groups like the Blasters, the Flesh Eaters, Top Jimmy, and the Plugz. He was at ground zero for the 70s/80s punk-roots explosion, and he’s produced more cool records than you can shake a stick at. Steve’s seen a lot and isn’t afraid to talk about it. Tonight the Troubled Men are all ears.

Topics include a first dose, a bad reaction, a memorial, a first Grammy, the road to L.A., the Soul Survivors, dinner with Gregg Allman, Casablanca Records, a first session, Richie Hayward, Phast Phreddie and the Precisions, the Alvin brothers, the Cathay de Grande, David Lee Roth, the Zero Zero Club, a music store job, a first baritone, Lee Allen’s influence, a first production, Chris D., making “Kiko,” Mitchell Froom, a David Baerwald record, the Smithereens, the Crystal Ballroom, Morphine and Mark Sandman, a new Los Lobos record, remote productions, and much more.

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Intro music: Styler/Coman

Break music: “Ghost Cave Lament” from “I Used To Be Pretty” by the Flesh Eaters

Outro music: “Colossal Head” from “Colossal Head” by Los Lobos

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