March 26, 2021


TMP148 Stanley Adkins: A Rockin' Man

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Manny Chevrolet René Coman
TMP148 Stanley Adkins: A Rockin' Man
Troubled Men Podcast
TMP148 Stanley Adkins: A Rockin' Man

Mar 26 2021 | 01:18:46


Show Notes

The frontman for Stanley & the Undesirables led the legendary punk-country outfit that included, at times, George “the Max” Reinecke, Nicky Sanzenbach, Becky Kury, Alex Chilton, Clark Vreeland, and Pete LeBon. A lifelong Chilton friend and protege, Stanley has stalked the golden Memphis-New Orleans-Pensacola triangle for decades and knows where all the bodies are buried. Tune in as he tells some tales and makes his peace with the Troubled Nation and the world.

Topics include an anniversary, live gigs, a 2nd dose, a school bully’s comeuppance, TMP guest sightings, HVAC upgrades, Yo Yo Ma, a 1st rehearsal, an accident, the Rhapsodizers, an arrest, MTV, the Violent Femmes, the methadone clinic, Floribama, Ken Stabler, Guitar Slim Jr., Carlo Ditta, the Colt 38 all-stars, Bobby Rush, the merchant marines, stage politics at Tupelo’s, a lost songbook recovered, and much more.

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Intro music: Styler/Coman

Break and outro music: “I Talk To God” and “Rockin’ Man” by Stanley & the Undesirables

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