Episode 90

January 17, 2020


TMP 90 Miss Pussycat Purrs

Hosted by

Manny Chevrolet René Coman
TMP 90 Miss Pussycat Purrs
Troubled Men Podcast
TMP 90 Miss Pussycat Purrs

Jan 17 2020 | 01:25:07


Show Notes

The puppeteer and recording artist is one half of the genre-defying duo Quintron and Miss Pussycat, called the weirdest band in the world by the great John Waters. Miss P has presented original puppet shows from art museums to rock clubs around the world. Tonight she pulls the strings on the Troubled Men and makes them dance. Topics include a celebrity death, a playoff loss, exercise, a previous guest, a mixer, Michael Tisserand, a pointless attack, an elusive guest, a bad interview, weaponized maracas, magic beans, an Oklahoma ranch, Bible puppets, imaginary friends, the Holy Spirit, the Pussycat Caverns, a first meeting, a lifestyle, a romance, sympathetic magic, puppet soundtracks, plastic food, subversive puppetry, Punch and Judy, the swazzle, violent puppets, Lefty Parker, a new name, crime stats, gunplay, “Passover in Puppettown,” meeting Glyn Styler, astrology, old TV shows, an activist, Tav Falco, Dr. Demento, Osaka Popstar, “Covered in Punk,” Helen Mirren, a whirlwind tour, a new record, an art show, Arkansas, a final joke, and much more. Support the podcast [here](https://www.paypal.me/troubledmenpodcast) Subscribe, review, and rate on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or most podcast aggregators. Follow on social media, share with friends, and spread the Troubled Word. Intro music: Styler/Coman Outro: “The Happy Castle of Goblinburg” soundtrack featuring Constance McEnaney by Panacea Theriac

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