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Episode 39

January 04, 2019

TMP #39 Rip Murray's Love Letter

The Troubled Men collect themselves for the final sit-down of the year. They invite the veteran film director and writer to the Safe House for a good working over. Topics include Blue Velvet, post Xmas activities, video booth dynamics, small world connections, Rip Taylor, film self education, Ann Arbor, Repo Man, Fox Harris, Harry Dean Stanton, going method, Rocky, scratchers, Bobby Peru, The Ice Storm, Joan Allen, rejiggered priorities, holiday haze, a letter to Santa, traffic cameras, a bachelor party, horse burgers, a wedding dilemma, the Lasties, the TV, a real victim, a good leaving alone, Career, a new membership, a secret card game, and much more. Subscribe, review, and rate on iTunes. Share with friends and spread the word. ...



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Episode 38

December 30, 2018

TMP #38 Alex Chilton Was Born Today

It was Alex's birthday, so René invited long time drummer Doug Garrison and fellow bandleader "Johnny" Jay Beninati for a special episode. They took a free associative journey through the memory labyrinth of Alex's time in New Orleans, on the road, and beyond. Topics include his arrival in town, Stanley and the Undesirables, the Panther Burns reconstituted, personal resolve, unearthing discarded artifacts, pearls of wisdom, the Clash tour, the 688 Club, the fractured aesthetic, the Asplundh tree crew, hanging at the carriage house, the Scores at Papa Joe's, meeting Manson, the trio taking N.Y.C., finding Doug at the Eggleston opening, Feudalist Tarts and serf music, touring and the kindness of strangers, the '73 Buick LeSabre, the Road Gang, transcendental greatness, dark humor, astrology, a final encounter, the RoundUp jukebox, a European tour heist, recording, and much more. Subscribe, review, and rate on iTunes. Share with friends and spread the Troubled word. ...



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Episode 37

December 26, 2018

TMP #37 Papa Mali Sounds Off

The singer/songwriter/producer and guitar tone scientist recounts his years fronting the Killer Bees, his solo career, and his many other collaborations. He talks about being mistaken for Santa Claus, but there's no confusion about which list the Troubled Men are on. René's mic goes out early on, and he becomes the ghost of Christmas past. Act of God? Perhaps. Fortunately, there's plenty of Manny and Papa Mali to cover the spread. Topics include nerve damage, holiday destinations, a stage name explained, zebra smuggling, street safety, the declining murder rate, touring the U.S., a second screening, the 7 Walkers, the Dead, a first trip, Too Free Stooges at Club Lingerie, D. H. Peligro, Louis Elovitz, Fishbone, Tony and Pete Rugalo, Joe Osborn, the Wrecking Crew, a deer poacher, Bonnie & Clyde, The Getaway, mistaken identity, DNA kits, a reading requirement, deathbed defiance, and much more. Subscribe, review, and rate on iTunes. Follow and like the page on Facebook. Share with friends and spread the word. ...



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Episode 36

December 20, 2018

TMP #36 Chris Pylant Learns His Lesson

The holidays are weighing heavy on the Troubled Men as they work over college professor, musician, and haiku master Chris Pylant in the Ring Room. He finds out the hard way that getting a word in edgewise may be the greatest challenge of all. Topics include a daughter's first job, a harsh critique, the De Palma doc, local obits, Sensei Hayashi, stolen textbooks, touring, Laugh-In, Hee Haw, singing drummers, Caesar, Roman propaganda, faith, pancreatitis, karaoke, Hall & Oates, home haircuts, Greek aesthetics, a romantic walk, Mr. Bingle, locker room TV, a new business venture, and much more. Subscribe, review, and rate in iTunes. Share with friends and spread the word. ...



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Episode 35

December 13, 2018

TMP #35 1,000 Points of Smite

The Men square off in the Ring Room for a long overdue double dose of uncut Trouble. The head movement is impressive, but someone still winds up walking into a stiff jab. Topics include Downtown Abbey, Jumanji, pulling a googly, a kink uncovered, the Green Book film, award season, adult book stores, the L.A. Free Press, Eleanor Clift, prison porn, a license plate recall, harassing the natives, a New Mexican passport, a Bush holiday, Ghost Town Venice, Tim Green, condiment problems, anthemic gunplay, a workplace tutorial, a wife campaigns, a Black Friday rampage, a Santa Claus revelation, separation of church and state, and much more. Subscribe, review, and rate on iTunes. Share and spread the Troubled word. ...



TMP #34 Randy Mack Gets Dirty

Episode 34

December 06, 2018

TMP #34 Randy Mack Gets Dirty

Curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back. Dreams come true as the intrepid filmmaker finds his way into the mysterious Ring Room to discuss his new feature, "Laundry Day." It all comes out in the wash. Topics include Thanksgiving at the track, an inspirational effort, family fireworks, Randy's path to the movie biz, "Burning Annie" plot and production, the studio game, Checkpoint aversion, the making of "Laundry Day," the New Orleans ethic, the rising cost of living, a guest joke, American Girl dolls, the Four Freshmen, laundry bars, Giving Tuesday, a girlfriend, latent citizenship, blowing bridges, the Grand Coulee Dam, and much more. Subscribe, review, and rate in iTunes. Share with friends and spread the word. ...