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René Coman sits down with the original Troubled Man, Manny Chevrolet, over cocktails at the Ring Ro...more

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Episode 45

February 14, 2019

TMP #45 José Torres-Tama Without Boundaries

The poet-warrior, artist, performer, activist, and founder of Taco Truck Theater pulls into the Ring Room and delivers the flavor. It gets a little spicy, and by the end, he wants Manny deported. Topics include an angry dog, a boycott bit, civic civility, the Cone of Uncertainty, restrooms, an award-winning doc, a question from Jude, DMT, performance influence, arrests, cocktail choices, a cultural question, amnesia, a screening, U.S. appetites, regrets, healing, Vida in New Orleans, shutdown repercussions, targeting the New Deal, St. Roch, brutal truth, Lenny Bruce, No Guac T-shirts, and more. Subscribe, review, and rate on podcast platforms including Apple and Spotify. Follow the Facebook page, share with friends, and spread the Troubled word. Intro music:Styler/Coman ...



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Episode 44

February 07, 2019

TMP #44 Luke Spurr Allen Escapes Siberia

The Troubled Men bring the Happy Talk Band singer and owner of Siberia Lounge into the warmth of the Ring Room. The workers control the means of production, but they have no five-year plan. There's not even a five-minute plan. Topics include therapy, discounts, a hot streak, foley artists, theater of the mind, an Alaskan adventure, a road trip to New Orleans, a last straw, Arizona justice, Luke's job history, the Bye Byewater, elementary school volunteering, Valentine's candy, Pacino impressions, horse lovers, a flute mishap, a bad bike ride, genealogy, Road House revisited, true crime, James At 15, A Family Affair, a shoplifting case, the Superbowl, and much more. Subscribe, review, and rate on podcast platforms, now including Spotify. Like on social media, share with friends, and spread the Troubled word. Intro music; Styler/Coman Outro music: It's Too Late To Die Young by Luke Spurr Allen ...



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Episode 43

January 31, 2019


The Troubled Men are put on the defensive as the New Orleans Chess Master in the red beret launches a blitzkrieg opening in the Ring Room. Hope is not a strategy, but it may be all they have left. Topics include a daughter's photos, Guinness World Records, life-changing events, parenting tips, Chuck Barris, Grace Slick, the Five Americans hit records, luck in life, the Iguanas' 9 Volt Heart, band alchemy, Francis Ford Coppola and the Godfather miracle, chess as salvation, playing Bobby Fischer, saying yes, prison games, Magnus Carlsen, Paul Morphy's petite advantages, organized labor, hotel suicides, Janis Joplin stories, Beatles messages, a Boy Scout guide, getting hacked, a state refuge, the Rolling Stones, media successes, the power of focus, K&D Video, Rod Steiger in the Pawnbroker, wacky emails, good hair, and much more. Subscribe, review, and rate on Apple Podcasts or your favorite platform. Follow on Facebook, share with friends, and spread the Troubled word. Intro music: Styler/Coman Music clips: Western Union, Zip Code, and Evol Not Love by the Five Americans Ending music: 9 Volt Heart by the Iguanas ...



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Episode 42

January 24, 2019

TMP #42 DC Harbold Has More Fun

Back in the trenches, the Troubled Men summon renaissance man DC Harbold to the Ring Room for a full debriefing. The leader of Clockwork Elvis and owner of More Fun Comics spins tales of past campaigns as they nurse their wounds and resolve to soldier on. Topics include a low bid, a bad bet, a career change, a nickname explained, collectors and OCD, burlesque vs. stripping, wasp nest therapy, the Golden Girls, Mary Tyler Moore, a royal wreck, a first girlfriend, Wilmington, bus ride detox, click bait, local comedy, an abduction story, Ray the mailman, neighborhood creeps, a tragic turn, customer complaints, dope etiquette, Doctor a' Go-Go, a planned escape, and much more. Subscribe, review, and review on Apple Podcasts or your favorite platform. Like the Facebook page, share with friends, and spread the Troubled word. ...



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Episode 41

January 17, 2019

TMP #41 The Passion of Michael Cerveris

The Tony Award-winning actor takes his chances with the Troubled Men. It gets a little punchy in the Ring Room, and a warning is issued following a clash of heads. The charm offensive is in full swing. Topics include a job opening, a New York sound check, king cake, origins and identity, musical theater explained, Road House, a not-so-secret membership, an untimely tribute, a Kennedy Center gig, a lost phone, John "Papa" Gros, an Arizona mystery, a monkey joke, the Golden Globes, religious identity, high praise from Sondheim, the confidence of incompetence, an idiotic exchange, story development, a sense of humor, collaborative art, a drop-in, horse trading with God, a dropout, mistaken identity, Fun Home, and much more. Subscribe, review, and rate on Apple Podcasts. Like the Facebook page, share with friends, and spread the word. ...



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Episode 40

January 10, 2019

TMP #40 New Year, New Troubles

The Troubled Men report to the Ring Room to recap the holidays and stare down the barrel of the new year. Things could be better. Topics include painkillers, a doctor visit, rehearsals, a video shoot, presents, parties, "the talk", local podcasts, Super Dave, The Odd Couple, a meth test, local crime, an app idea, Taco Bell, a McDonald's beatdown, resolutions, a severed brake line, added charges, leftovers, beans and rice, a parking ticket, Tivoli Place, a birthday party, the aging process, the Leaving Las Vegas strategy, a re-gift, troubled quotes, and much more. Subscribe, review, and rate on iTunes. Like the Facebook page, share with friends, and spread the word. ...