Episode 10

June 15, 2018


Troubled Men #10 Glyn Styler's Safe House

Hosted by

Manny Chevrolet René Coman
Troubled Men #10 Glyn Styler's Safe House
Troubled Men Podcast
Troubled Men #10 Glyn Styler's Safe House

Show Notes

The Men escape the Ring Room for the Safe House. Any port in a storm. They have the cultural iconoclast, Glyn Styler as their first guest. He plays it pretty close to the vest, but they manage to drag out of him some comments on his origin story. The Men also discuss murder in New Orleans, funeral home yelp reviews, party invitations, whistle girl, train rides to Florence and Madrid, the crushing solitude of a recording studio in England, copping in Copenhagen, convalescent communion, and a chance encounter with Timothy Leary. Click on the link to Glyn Styler's signature song,"You Killed My Love", with a still from his starring role in Doris Wishman's film, "Satan Was a Lady". It's sublime.

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Episode 93

February 13, 2020

TMP 93 Ben Sandmel: Grassroots Surrealism

He’s written books on New Orleans icon Ernie K-Doe and the Zydeco culture of south Louisiana. He spearheaded the career revival of the Hackberry Ramblers, producing and playing drums with the Cajun band for eighteen years culminating in their Grammy nomination after 70 years together. Ben is attracted to offbeat characters and cultural ephemera, so of course he winds up in the Ring Room with the Troubled Men. Topics include the Super Bowl, Tom Flores’ Hall of Fame snub, corrupt institutions, a Bible reading, a cyberattack, a book plug, a Christmas commercial, Rico Watts, “White Boy, Black Boy,” Clifton Chenier, “Jole Blon,” string bands, MTV Live, a neighborhood threat, disaster tourism, the Grand Ole Opry, a last road trip, a Beach Boys protest, liner notes, Chicago blues time, Sunnyland Slim, Jazz Fest interviews, losing peers, a false memory, publishing deals, false documents, a missing finger, and much more. Support the podcast by contributing [here](https://www.paypal.me/troubledmenpodcast) Subscribe, review, and rate(5 stars) on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or most podcast aggregators. Follow on social media, share with friends, and spread the Troubled Word. Intro music: Styler/Coman Outro music: “Bill’s Boogie Woogie” by Boogie Bill Webb and “Poor Hobo” by the Hackberry Ramblers from the album “Deep Water” ...



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Episode 74

September 12, 2019

TMP #74 Sidney Smith On the Whipping Post

The rock’n’roll photographer, actor, and Haunted History Tours operator has a new book of photos from his time with the Allman Brothers Band. He’s led a charmed life, including being Paul McCartney’s personal photographer during the famed SeaSaint sessions and appearing in Manny’s mockumentary about his first campaign for mayor. It’s all led up to his moment in the Ring Room. Dreams do come true. Topics include a suspended license, West Virginia, Loose Cattle, corporal punishment, Nicholas Cage, the Lalaurie Mansion, the Warehouse concert venue, the Day of Southern Rock’n’roll, crying with a Beatle, an exorcist’s advice, faking your death, Echo Park, a Popeye’s commercial, a spoiler, fainting, a ghost story, male dancing with the Merry Minstrels, Mick Jagger, Chuck Leavell, Dylan freaking out, shampoo, [70-74 Plus a Little Bit More](https://www.allmanbrothersbookbysidneysmith.com/), Elijah Blue Allman, Balthazar Getty, and much more. Subscribe, review, and rate on Apple Podcasts. Follow and share on social media, and spread the Troubled Word. Music: Styler/Coman ...



Episode 165

July 29, 2021


The Mekons and Waco Brothers founding singer, guitarist, and punk/alt-country pioneer takes a break from his latest Freakon collaboration to discuss his Welsh upbringing, his art school days with pals Gang of Four, his solo projects, and his successful career as a painter. Jon has a tremendous work ethic, releasing the first of 23 singles from the “Lucky Seven Series” and starting bands and records with any free moment. He’s also a real gentleman…qualities the Troubled Nation could use more of. Topics include roadwork, the Hard Rock Hotel scandal, the Rolling Stones at Jazzfest, vaccine resistance, port cities, Joe Strummer and the Clash, a record deal, LeMieux Galleries, Tom Stern and Blue Velvet Studio, Alex Rawls, OffBeat, Chickie Wah Wah, Steve Watson, Buddy Watson, the Sadies, Midway Pizza, country music, Thatcher and Reagan, union busting, signing to Virgin Records, a mining strike, the Aberfan 1966 mining disaster, moving to Chicago, honky tonk music, “Deserted,” inspiration, Yard Dog Gallery, “Lofty Deeds,” the chicken and the egg, and much more. Support the podcast here. Join the Patreon page here. Shop for Troubled Men’s Wear here. Subscribe, review, and rate (5 stars) on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or almost any podcast source. Follow on social media, share with friends, and spread the Troubled Word. Intro music: Styler/Coman Break music: “Memphis Egypt” from “Heaven and Hell” by the Mekons Outro music: “Only The River” from “Jon Langford’s Lucky Seven Series, part 1” by Jon Langford & the Skull Orchard Welsh Male Choir Troubled Men Podcast Facebook Troubled Men Podacst Instagram Jon Langford Facebook Waco Brothers Mekons Jon Langford Artwork  ...