Episode 188

January 20, 2022



Hosted by

Manny Chevrolet René Coman
Troubled Men Podcast

Show Notes

The Dream Syndicate and Continental Drifters (Susan Cowsill, Vicki Peterson, Peter Holsapple) bassist, vocalist, and songwriter covered a lot of territory from L.A.’s Paisley Underground to the New Orleans-based indie-rock supergroup. Tonight Mark reaches out from his post-Katrina Las Vegas Safe House, where he places his bet and takes his chances with the Troubled Men.

Topics include postponed tour dates, a recording session with Goat, fear, risk, Mardi Gras, Ronnie Spector R.I.P., a new Geraniums record, a haircut, a Cowsill party, the slums of Beverly Hills, early bands, influences, a rehearsal studio, Steve Wynn, Karl Precoda, touring with R.E.M., the Music Machine, the Talpa Restaurant, a Carlo Nuccio apartment, the Drifters formation, the Hollywood rock scene, a Too Free Stooges show, the trip from L.A. to N.O. and back, salvaged tapes, a flooded bass, Phil Lynott’s bass, meeting Led Zeppelin, a Mick Jagger party, Kyle Melancon, the desert, a torso, Punk Rock Bowling, and much more.

Intro music: Styler/Coman

Break music: “Dusting Off The Rust” from “The Universe Inside” by the Dream Syndicate

Outro music: “Tomorrow’s Gonna Be” from “Better Day” by the Continental Drifters

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