Episode 177

November 04, 2021



Hosted by

Manny Chevrolet René Coman
Troubled Men Podcast

Show Notes

The folk and Western recording artist is a modern troubadour traveling and writing songs of cowboy life in Big Sky country. The singer, guitarist and mandolin player’s latest record, “Range of the Buffalo,” is nominated for multiple International Western Music Assoc. awards. Kerry is comfortable around the campfire and legendary at the Sands Motel. Tonight he joins the Troubled Men with some tall tales from the open plains.

Topics include a season in Hell, the campaign, street work, a fan encounter, white pants, an army brat, western exposure, Roy Rogers, cowboy poetry, outlaws, fans, horses, a big winner, Jews in the West, the Bundys, a name change, Chip Dolan, archaeology, Wild West shows, library concerts, storytelling, the Highway 281 tour, and much more.

Intro music: Styler/ Coman

Break and Outro music: “Range of the Buffalo” and “When the Bullet Left the Gun” from “Range of the Buffalo” by Kerry Grombacher

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