Episode 174

October 14, 2021



Hosted by

Manny Chevrolet René Coman
Troubled Men Podcast

Show Notes

The award-winning blues guitar player, vocalist, and songwriter migrated from Canada to Austin on invitation from legendary impresario Clifford Antone. The young Tele slinger immediately found herself sharing stages with giants like Albert Collins, Buddy Guy, and Jimmy Vaughan. Fifteen solo records later, she celebrates the release of “Pinky’s Blues,” backed by Mike Flanigin (Billy Gibbons), Chris Layton (SRV), and her original bassist, Jon Penner. Sue holds her own as she goes a couple of rounds with the Troubled Men.

Topics include recovery, a tenant, a DUI charge, assassins, Manny for Mayor, Malevitus, a trash threat, #1 with a bullet, a blues introduction, a James Cotton show, touring with Mark Hummel, visa hassles, the blues circuit, an Antone’s residency, shooting dice, Texas love, Johnny Winter, Koko Taylor, lost legends, Will and Charlie Sexton’s birthday gig, the Continental Club, a calling, the paisley Telecaster, the Sue Foley Podcast, Charo, meeting the Iguanas, and much more.

Intro music: Styler/Coman

Break and Outro music: "Southern Men" and "Dallas Man" from "Pinky's Blues" by Sue Foley

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