May 07, 2021


TMP154 Amy LaVere: Runaway's Diary

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Manny Chevrolet René Coman
TMP154 Amy LaVere: Runaway's Diary
Troubled Men Podcast
TMP154 Amy LaVere: Runaway's Diary

Show Notes

The critically-acclaimed Americana singer and bass player was a favorite of legendary producer Jim Dickinson, who hired her for his band and helmed her breakthrough solo record, “Anchors and Anvils.” Six other excellent solo releases, in addition to collaborative projects Motel Mirrors, and The Wandering and Sisters of the Strawberry Moon, with N. Miss. Allstar Luther Dickinson, round out her body of work. As former guest Will Sexton’s musical partner and better half, Amy knew what she was in for with the Troubled Men. It seems she’s up for anything.

Topics include Jazz Fest season, porch concerts, a loss at sea, recording sessions, a 2nd dose, a TV favorite, the drive to Austin, wanderlust, a first band, learning the bass, Memphis, the White twins, Liberty Land, marrying Will, a woman on tour, “Painting Blue,” road dates, a food cart, “Walk the Line,” Jimbo Mathus, a pet rat, Joaquin Phoenix, “The Heartbreak Kid,” Pepé Le Pew, a St. Croix vaccination, new recordings, political strife, eyes wide shut/open, and much more.

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Intro music: Styler/Coman

Break music: “Last Rock ’n’ Roll Boy to Dance” from “Runaway’s Diary” by Amy LaVere

Outro music: “Not in Memphis” from “Painting Blue” by Amy LaVere

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