Episode 39

January 04, 2019


TMP #39 Rip Murray's Love Letter

Hosted by

Manny Chevrolet René Coman
TMP #39 Rip Murray's Love Letter
Troubled Men Podcast
TMP #39 Rip Murray's Love Letter

Show Notes

The Troubled Men collect themselves for the final sit-down of the year. They invite the veteran film director and writer to the Safe House for a good working over. Topics include Blue Velvet, post Xmas activities, video booth dynamics, small world connections, Rip Taylor, film self education, Ann Arbor, Repo Man, Fox Harris, Harry Dean Stanton, going method, Rocky, scratchers, Bobby Peru, The Ice Storm, Joan Allen, rejiggered priorities, holiday haze, a letter to Santa, traffic cameras, a bachelor party, horse burgers, a wedding dilemma, the Lasties, the TV, a real victim, a good leaving alone, Career, a new membership, a secret card game, and much more. Subscribe, review, and rate on iTunes. Share with friends and spread the word.

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Episode 6

June 16, 2022


Saxophone great Big Chief Donald Harrison Jr. joins the Iguanas and Emmy-winning Hawaiian filmmaker and festival producer Kenny Martinez-Burgmaier to reflect on the triumphant return of the Big Island Jazz and Blues Festival after a 2-year hiatus. Donald discusses his mentoring a teenage Notorious B.I.G. and hanging out at home with Miles Davis. Kenny recounts his rise from child cook to impresario. The star-studded lineup and spectacular locale stand in contrast to a persistent ennui for which there is no geographic solution. Troubled in Paradise? You could put it like that. Topics include the Mauna Kea Beach Resort, caloric intake, Eric Marienthal, Wayne Toups, supplements, Skip Martin, positivity, a Mexican restaurant, car sales, Jazz Alley TV, film school, video production, Pancho Sanchez, 2nd lines, a unified musical approach, Clifford Brown, artistic longevity, boxing acuity, Mike Tyson, an extended stay, Aloha spirit, royal lineage, a canoe, and much more. Intro music: "The Trucker Takes A Wife" by Styler/Coman Break music: "Oye Mi Cumbia" from "Sin To Sin" by the Iguanas Outro music: "When the Weather Breaks" from "Juarez" by the Iguanas Support the podcast: Paypal or Venmo Join the Patreon page here. Shop for Troubled Men’s Wear here. Subscribe, review, and rate (5 stars) on Apple Podcasts or any podcast source. Follow on social media, share with friends, and spread the Troubled Word. Troubled Men Podcast Facebook Troubled Men Podcast Instagram Iguanas Tour Dates René Coman Facebook Big Island Jazz and Blues Festival Big Island Jazz and Blues Festival Facebook Jazz Alley TV Facebook Donald Harrison Homepage ...



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Episode 64

June 27, 2019

TMP #64 HyperPhlyy/ Chapel Hart Out The Mud

The country soul singers from Poplarville, Mississippi are moving up fast with the release of their new record, Out The Mud, and an upcoming summertime European festival tour. Danica, Trea, and Devynn have big things in their future, but first they have to make it past the Troubled Men and out the Ring Room. Topics include the outdoors, a curse, a new name, sister cousins, Poplarville, big families, professional drive, moving to New Orleans, busking, paying dues, a new addition, choir directing, Glory Hole, Glory Road, past campaigns, Silent Darrick, corrections work, mental health, a Father’s Day gift, the Dylan documentary, Joan Baez, mortality, Blood on the Tracks, an Austrian festival, Da Library, road dates, bands, the death stare, SportsCenter, and much more. Please subscribe on your favorite podcast platform. Please follow and share with friends. Intro music: Styler/Coman Outro music: Made For Me by HyperPhlyy ...



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March 11, 2021

TMP146 Carlo Nuccio's Continental Drift

The notorious drummer and songwriter’s resume includes Tori Amos, Marianne Faithfull, Pat McLaughlin, and Dr. John. Carlo returns by popular demand to tell the epic tale of the Continental Drifters’ cross-country trek from L.A. to New Orleans and back that started it all. With Susan Cowsill, Vicki Peterson, Mark Walton, Gary Eaton, and Dave Catching on board, the story is full of all the thrills and chills you’d expect. Also, Carlo. Lots of Carlo. Troubled? Oh yeah! Topics include a health scare, the staff physician, Charity Hospital, a 4th floor lockdown, a new rat pack, a cold-turkey kick, a bloodletting, good times, bad times, the Drifters at Raji’s, an RV, Gram Parsons’ grave, N.O. gigs, Iris Berry, Shell gas, a fuel filter, a locust plague, a rental scam, Chris Whitley at the Palace, the riots, the Pioneer Chicken stand, cursed artifacts, disasters, earthquake stories, and much more. Support the podcast here. Join the Patreon page here. Shop for Troubled Men’s Wear here. Subscribe, review, and rate (5 stars) on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or almost any podcast aggregator. Follow on social media, share with friends, and spread the Troubled Word. Intro music: Styler/Coman Break and outro music: “Mezzanine” and “New York” from the Continental Drifters self-title album. ...