Episode 5

June 09, 2022



Hosted by

Manny Chevrolet René Coman
Troubled Men Podcast

Show Notes

The 92-year-old author, college professor, and former French Quarter denizen mingled with luminaries like Tennessee Williams and Clay Shaw and counted superstar historian Stephan Ambrose among his closest friends. Born in Victorian Brooklyn, he arrived in New Orleans in 1950 and spent the ensuing years haunting the recesses of the region from the mansions of the Garden District to the backwoods of Mississippi. Tonight he enters the Feral Zone, along with co-conspirator and attending night nurse Nicole Pavy, as a man who has seen a lot and has no reason to hold back.

Topics include an orphan, an arts high school, sexual identity, chance vs. choice, plantation life, Europe in the ’50s, a New York job, meeting New Orleanians, the French Quarter in the ’50s, Dixie’s Bar, “Suddenly Last Summer,” “A Handmade Wilderness,” the Atchafalaya, higher education, LSUNO, meeting Willie, the Red Carpet, Selma, safaris with Betty Wisdom, an old lion, the UpStairs Lounge, Middle English, Dr. Reinecke, Girod St. Cemetery, longevity, the desert, “Incident At Eagle Ranch,” predators, legacy, a first meeting, and much more.

Intro music: "The Trucker Takes A Wife" by Styler/Coman

Break and Outro music: "Rosa Parks" and "Royal Street" from "Hope Is Not For The Weak" by the Geraniums

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