Episode 96

March 05, 2020


TMP 96 Jonathan Freilich Composes Himself

Hosted by

Manny Chevrolet René Coman
TMP 96 Jonathan Freilich Composes Himself
Troubled Men Podcast
TMP 96 Jonathan Freilich Composes Himself

Mar 05 2020 | 01:06:50


Show Notes

With the Klezmer All Stars, the Naked Orchestra, and his work in numerous side projects, you’d think the guitarist/composer would have a full plate. Jonathan’s appetite for adventurous music has also driven him into writing operatic works and creating sound design for film. He’s seemingly undaunted by a challenge, so let’s see how he meets the test of the Ring Room. Topics include a Mardi Gras wrap-up, Thai food, Lent, a 100th episode party, a recording session, “Judy,” a London childhood, an L.A. teen, Uni High, McCabe’s Music, Michael Ward, the Krewe of Julu, a rift, Helen Gillet, a dirty opera, Santa Cruz, free cigarettes, Walter Payton, Carl LeBlanc, Sun Ra, Fermin Muguruza & the N.O. Basque Orchestra, yoga training in India, a brush with death, a new perspective, a mystery disease, the “Esplanade” film, a debt of gratitude, and much more. Support the podcast [here.](https://www.paypal.me/troubledmenpodcast) Subscribe, review, and rate (5 stars) on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or almost any podcast aggregator. Follow on social media, share with friends, and spread the Troubled Word. Intro music: Styler/Coman Outro music: “Klez Hafez” by Jonathan Freilich featuring the New Orleans Klezmer All Stars

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