Episode 76

October 03, 2019


TMP #76 Finding the Lost Bayou Ramblers

Hosted by

Manny Chevrolet René Coman
TMP #76 Finding the Lost Bayou Ramblers
Troubled Men Podcast
TMP #76 Finding the Lost Bayou Ramblers

Oct 03 2019 | 01:19:17


Show Notes

The roots of the Grammy-winning Cajun band Lost Bayou Ramblers go back to brothers André and Louis Michot playing in their father’s group as teenagers. They’re celebrating their 20th anniversary as a band with a new live record, “Asteur,” and the documentary, “On Va Continuer.” Accordion and guitar player André steps into the Ring Room to discuss south Louisiana music and culture, and the band’s efforts to preserve it and carry it forward. The Troubled Men are happy just to make it home. Topics include the next campaign, topless states, a truck stop camel, a Susan Cowsill gig, Les Freres Michot, early gig experience, a robbery, free light bulbs, suppression of French, Randy Falcon and accordion building, Flaco and Santiago Jimenez, a strategy, an award ceremony, Scarlett Johansson, pawning platinum, the Circle Bar anniversary party, a new release, Spider Stacy, Cajun music in New Orleans, and much more. Subscribe, review, and rate (5 stars) on Apple Podcasts or other podcast carriers. Follow and share with friends on social media, and spread the Troubled Word. Intro music: Styler/Coman Outro music: “Bosco Stomp” by the Lost Bayou Ramblers from the new live album, “Asteur,” recorded at six venues around New Orleans.

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