Episode 57

May 09, 2019


TMP #57 Rob Cambre Connects the Dots

Hosted by

Manny Chevrolet René Coman
TMP #57 Rob Cambre Connects the Dots
Troubled Men Podcast
TMP #57 Rob Cambre Connects the Dots

May 09 2019 | 01:17:46


Show Notes

The experimental guitarist and music promoter from a rural Louisiana refinery town found a community of like minds in the heyday of college radio. He went on to help establish a thriving improvisational music scene in New Orleans. Rob takes the biggest chance yet as he enters the Ring Room and puts his faith in the Troubled Men. Topics include a damaged pet, a vacation mystery, a recovered phone, college radio, Kidd Jordan, Free Jazz, Alvin Fielder, the Art Ensemble of Chicago, Homestead Records, Zeitgeist, festival security, bad dancing, Norco, La., Sonic Youth, No Wave, Gibby Haynes, Kramer, Bong water, Eugene Chadbourne, the German Coast, porn soundtracks, Dr. Demento, Rev. Fred Lane, Tuscaloosa absurdists, the Music Box Village, the Secret, the High Holidays, Passover, favorite plagues, the Process, cults, True Detective, Malevitus, Anxious Sound, and much more. Rate and review Follow and share Intro music:Styler/Coman Night of the Dog: Malevitus

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