Episode 45

February 14, 2019


TMP #45 José Torres-Tama Without Boundaries

Hosted by

Manny Chevrolet René Coman
TMP #45 José Torres-Tama Without Boundaries
Troubled Men Podcast
TMP #45 José Torres-Tama Without Boundaries

Feb 14 2019 | 01:03:06


Show Notes

The poet-warrior, artist, performer, activist, and founder of Taco Truck Theater pulls into the Ring Room and delivers the flavor. It gets a little spicy, and by the end, he wants Manny deported. Topics include an angry dog, a boycott bit, civic civility, the Cone of Uncertainty, restrooms, an award-winning doc, a question from Jude, DMT, performance influence, arrests, cocktail choices, a cultural question, amnesia, a screening, U.S. appetites, regrets, healing, Vida in New Orleans, shutdown repercussions, targeting the New Deal, St. Roch, brutal truth, Lenny Bruce, No Guac T-shirts, and more. Subscribe, review, and rate on podcast platforms including Apple and Spotify. Follow the Facebook page, share with friends, and spread the Troubled word. Intro music:Styler/Coman

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