Episode 42

January 24, 2019


TMP #42 DC Harbold Has More Fun

Hosted by

Manny Chevrolet René Coman
TMP #42 DC Harbold Has More Fun
Troubled Men Podcast
TMP #42 DC Harbold Has More Fun

Jan 24 2019 | 01:00:26


Show Notes

Back in the trenches, the Troubled Men summon renaissance man DC Harbold to the Ring Room for a full debriefing. The leader of Clockwork Elvis and owner of More Fun Comics spins tales of past campaigns as they nurse their wounds and resolve to soldier on. Topics include a low bid, a bad bet, a career change, a nickname explained, collectors and OCD, burlesque vs. stripping, wasp nest therapy, the Golden Girls, Mary Tyler Moore, a royal wreck, a first girlfriend, Wilmington, bus ride detox, click bait, local comedy, an abduction story, Ray the mailman, neighborhood creeps, a tragic turn, customer complaints, dope etiquette, Doctor a' Go-Go, a planned escape, and much more. Subscribe, review, and review on Apple Podcasts or your favorite platform. Like the Facebook page, share with friends, and spread the Troubled word.

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