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René Coman sits down with the original Troubled Man, Manny Chevrolet, over cocktails at the Ring Room, in the heart of an old-school New Orleans social haunt. Manny is an L.A. native who had been...more

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Episode 18

August 09, 2018

Troubled Men #18 Lose the Pants

Coming off a string of scintillating guests, the Men meet in the Ring Room for an uncut dose of that Troubled magic. They discuss human resilience, chest hair, a police beating, code militaire, McSalad sickness, a ransomed daughter's return, a deacon's disgrace, the Pulitzer snub, a secret vacation, Central American ingenuity, New Wave Hookers revisited, the Happy Days porn connection, the Dylan porn connection, music biz heartbreak, loose shoes, a doctor visit, Underwear Day, and the boxer incident. Subscribe, rate, and review on Apple Podcasts. ...



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Episode 17

August 02, 2018

Troubled Men #17 A Clean Sample From Jeff Treffinger

Manny's been lit since lunch, but the Troubled Men forge ahead anyway. They're joined by old friend and co-conspirator Jeff Treffinger for a rendezvous in the Ring Room. Topics include Jeff's path to New Orleans, tall girls, St. Louis fashion, nose bleeds, TV binoculars, booty popping at City Hall, Tribe Nunzio, the salad days of the Mermaid Lounge, Keith Keller, the Geraniums, family sing-a-longs, and much more. Outro music:Sensible Shoes by the Geraniums Geraniums-Canada Dry [https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=105&v=Y29fbQSwgFo] Subscribe and rate at Apple Podcasts or your favorite app. ...



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Episode 16

July 26, 2018

Troubled Men #16 Scott Plauché, Egalité, Fraternité

Fresh off Bastille Day, the Troubled Men convene a tribunal with New Orleans royalty and lifelong friend, Scott Plauché. Their reign of terror resumes as they discuss the new TMP stickers, the Ben Franklin High School accent, Scott's movie biz career, old N.O. television, Cal-Mex food, Croatian defeat/complicity, the generosity of Keith Carradine, Manny's interview with the Smashing Pumpkins, the Best Life Pharmacy Restaurant, and much more. Subscribe and rate in Apple Podcasts or your favorite podcast app. ...



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Episode 15

July 19, 2018

Troubled Men #15 The Art of Michael Deas

They're deep into July, but the Men attempt to elevate the conversation with a ringer in the Ring Room. World renowned painter Michael Deas joins the set to talk World Cup foolishness, caulking technique, his early work with Harlequin Romance, poppers with Harold Robbins, Fabio, Manny's hair care, art school orthodoxy, flakka, painting the Columbia Pictures logo, busting Annette Bening, postage stamp masterpieces, the Thai escape, temperance related pancreatitis, English public school tradition, Christopher Hitchens, and much more. Subscribe and rate on Apple Podcasts or your favorite podcast app. ...



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Episode 14

July 12, 2018

Troubled Men #14 Surfside PTSD

A day late and several dollars short, the Troubled Men hit the Ring Room for a 5th of July blow out. Topics include Manny's car troubles, a Thursday joke, the 4th of July, 'Nam flashbacks, falling bullets, a black sheep's dying dog, Detroit fireworks threats, a punchline in need of a setup, exhaustion with eating, hospital dining, not giving blood, the ultra-orthodox strangle hold, the NXIVM cult, dictator fashion, romance advice, a mother's conviction, toilet repair, a geodesic dome, lesson in workflow, and a Thai miracle. Subscribe and rate the show on Apple Podcasts or your favorite podcast app. ...



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Episode 13

July 05, 2018

Troubled Men #13 Bird Baseball

The Troubled Men get it together with some table service back in the Ring Room. They chat it up about little known New Orleans festivals, the Iguanas' Midwestern tour, terror on the highway, an airport petting zoo, inside vs. outside, a psycho chica strikes again, Manny's work as a color analyst for an imaginary baseball league, gun play on the home front, beach danger, the death of print, World Cup minutia, a sports betting scam, and much more. Subscribe and rate the show on Apple Podcasts or your favorite podcast app. ...